Pipe Inspection System

Mini-SeeSnake:Camera with 100'(30m) push cable and 200'(61m) push cable. 2 types available at your option. SeeSnake:Camera with 200'(61m) push cable and 325'(99m) push cable. 2 types available at your option. High-performance camera/transmitter system for locating and diagnosing problems in 2" to 12" lines. The SeeSnake camera/transmitter system allows for exact diagnosis of line problems in all types of industries. Whether it's a blocked or collapsed drain line, a jammed conduit line or a damaged chimney, SeeSnake identifies the problem fast. Special features : * Performance : The compact SeeSnake negotiates multiple 90 bends in 2" to 12" lines ensuring you reach the problem. Mini SeeSnakes negotiate bends in pipe as small as 1 1/4", including multiple hard -90 elbows in 1 1/2" pipe and up! Unique lighting and video system focus down the line to see trouble before you're in it. The picture is so sharp, newsprint is legible inside pipe. * Dependability : Quality components like hardened stainless steel camera housings and spring assemblies, scratch-proof sapphire crystal lenses, kevlar-wrapped fiberglass cable and slip rings proven to over 1,000,000 cycles are used to ensure long service. All cameras and push cables are pressure tested to 100m and both are waterproof. *Simple-to-use : Designed for quick set-up, simply plug in and turn on the monitor and begin pushing the camera into the line. Push rods are not required. Available with a high resolution monitor, the system works with any video monitor or VCR for crisp, clear viewing/recording of the camera's path inside the line.


Mini SeeSnake 


Line Capacity 1¼"-6"/3.2cm-15.2cm 2"~12"/5cm-30cm
Maximum Run 200 ft/61 m 325 ft/99 m
Line Location Transmitter 512Hz 512Hz
Weight (Excl. Monitor) 11.1kg;200'(61m) 19.5kg;200'(61m)
Reel & Frame Diameter 51 x 28 x 58cm 81 x 36 x 76cm
Camera Diameter 1.0"/2.5cm 1.37"/3.48cm
Camera Length  1.71"/4.3cm 1.84"/4.68cm
Push Cable Diameter 5/16"/0.8cm 7/16"/1.1cm
Camera Weight  0.04 kg 0.08 kg
Power  DC 8-13V DC 8-13V
Current  100mA, 380 w/LED's 100mA, 380 w/LED's
Connector  SS-IL3MP  SS-IL3MP
Slip Ring  Mercury-free, 3-pole, redundant connectors Mercury-free, 3-pole redundant connectors 
Operating Temperature -10ºC~50ºC -10ºC~50ºC
Waterproof Depth  330 ft/100 m 330 ft/100 m
Image Sensor 0.25"/0.6cm CCD 0.25"/0.6cm CCD
Number of Pixels 512(H) x 492(V) 512(H) x 492(V)
Resolution (TV Lines)  380(H) x 350(V) 380(H) x 350(V)
Lens  2mmfl, f3.5 Wide Angle 2mmfl, f3.5 Wide Angle
Focus  Fixed (Factory Set)  Fixed (Factory Set)
Min. Depth of Field 0.5"/1.3cm 0.5"/1.3cm
Field of View in water 76(H) x 67(V) x 82(D) 76(H) x 67(V) x 82(D)
Field of View in Air  111(H) x 95(V) x 122(D) 111(H) x 95(V) x 122(D)
Lighting  35 Red LEDs with variable intensity control  35 Red LEDs with variable intensity control 
Video Output 1.0V Peak-To-Peak at 75 Ohm 1.0V Peak-To-Peak at 75 Ohm
Video Input EIA or CCIR EIA or CCIR