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Brand Philosophy

Originating from a group of professional manufacturing teams, KINSHIEN / KS embraces a design concept centered on quality and practicality. The brand is committed to using high-quality materials, local Taiwanese manufacturing, and the principles of durability.

Creating the Most Trustworthy Brand:
Decades of experience have provided essential technical insights, forming the secret behind the quality of KINSHIEN / KS products. Specialized manufacturing processes are employed to achieve high-quality products.

Flexibility and Reliability as the Foundation of Quality Service:
The goal is to provide rapid delivery and subsequent maintenance services. Leveraging original manufacturer guidance and nearly 40 years of accumulated experience, KINSHIEN / KS has nurtured a highly skilled team of technicians to maintain and service machinery and tools for customers. After repair or inspection, products are returned to customers in the quickest possible manner, minimizing downtime.

Efforts are made to minimize machine downtime. The website facilitates tool selection, showcasing KINSHIEN / KS's commitment not only to developing high-quality, practical products but also to providing a wide range of professional brands globally. For any maintenance operations or product inquiries, customers can confidently rely on us. For assistance, please contact Eversun Trading, the distributor of KINSHIEN / KS.