Pipe Stand
Pipe Stand
REMS Herkules XL 12" – extra stable for pipes up to 12". Especially suitable for pipe installation, e.g. for roll grooving, cutting, thread cutting, welding, soldering. Easy moving of the material in all directions when turning, pulling and pushing by two stainless steel balls mounted in a rust-protected housing in the range Ø 1¼ – 12", Ø 42 – 324 mm. Robust, job site-proven design. Securely standing tripod, folds up for transport and storage. Height adjustable from 510to 910 mm from the floor. Threaded spindle for simple alignment of the pipe, with fixing device. Practical handle for easy transport.
Cat. No. Model No. Description Height Adjustment Lo Max Pipe Capaciy Weight
120125 S Herkules XL V Head Pipe Stand 510-910mm ~12"(324mm) 9.5kg
56662 VJ-99 V Head High Pipe Stand 28-52"(71-132cm) 12"(30cm) 10.4kg
37997 BTH-9 Ball Transfer Head (pair) for VJ models 12"(30cm) 2.3kg